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How to raise start-up funding for your business or an idea.

This course covers all the essentials of fundraising for a start-up business. 

In this course we cover:

  • How a business operates and your key objectives
  • At what stage a business should be seeking for external investment.
  • The various sources of funding that is available for a start-up business
  • What are the investors looking for in a business and investment proposition
  • How to prepare your business for funding and pitch it to investors
  • The essentials of a pitch deck, business plan and executive summary.
  • Where to find your investors
  • How to decide in which investor suitable for your business
  • How to negotiate the deal and get investment in
  • How to manage your Investor / Investee relationship

At the end of this course you should have a good understanding of how start-up fundraising works and various steps you need to take in order to achieve funding. You will have guidance in how to prepare your business pitch, find and approach investors. With this information at hand, you will feel more confident and assured that you can find the right type of investment for your business.


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