Our Role as a Community Platform 

This section sets out the Terms that apply to the Projects that you create and the Rewards you offer, or the Pledges or other contributions you make in support of Projects.


What We Do

1. We provide an ‘online meeting place’ and platform through which Community Members can raise finance for their community focused Projects and offer Rewards or make Pledges for Projects and receive Rewards. By doing so and providing tips and other guidance we facilitate agreement between Project Owners and Backers for Pledges and Rewards on Terms agreed between them, subject to the ‘ground rules’ that we put in place to act as safeguards for the benefit of all Community Members.

We also provide an ‘online meeting place’ and platform through which Community Members can raise finance for, and invest in, various business ideas and community projects.

2. Although we may from time to time agree to promote and advertise certain Projects, or help to raise awareness of their Project Goals, we will not be involved in the management of, or use of Pledges, in relation to a Project, nor will we directly offer or fulfil Rewards ourselves.


What We Don’t Do

1. Other than as mentioned above, we do not have any involvement in any arrangements Community Members may make with each other through crowd-velocity.co.uk. We therefore do not accept any responsibility for the nature or quality of a Project or Community Share’s Performance or any Rewards or returns, nor do we promise that any Community Member, whether Project Owner or Backer, will do as they promise. The arrangements you make are solely private and the contracts relating to Projects, Pledges, Investments and Rewards are made directly between the individual parties concerned. Accordingly, when using crowd-velocity.co.uk, you take full responsibility for your arrangements with other Community Members whom you contact and the nature, terms and extent of your arrangements with them and obligations to them.

2. We do not verify the identity of anyone who becomes a Community Member. However we do carry out a basic due diligence process when collecting information from the Members about their Project, the Rewards offered or themselves. However we cannot give any guarantees that Community Members are who they say they are, or that the information they provide is accurate, complete or true. Consequently, we make no recommendation or representations in relation to any Community Members or their Projects.

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