Crowdfunding Campaign Plan

You may already know that crowdfunding isn’t an easy way to get quick cash for your idea, but rather a coordinated and well thought through process of raising awareness for your business, engaging with your target audience and as a result raising the money from your early backers.

At Crowd Velocity, we take pride in showing you the way to achieve successful crowdfunding campaign with planning and preparation.

Here are our 10 top tips for launching your own successful crowdfunding campaign.

1. Research and listen

Start with carrying out some research in your selected industry, what other like ideas have successfully crowdfunded their projects via crowdfunding. Also look into those that failed, and what they did differently. Trying to understand what were the techniques that worked for them and how they achieved success is the first part of your research process. Also, listen to your community or various related groups online, to observe what your target audience or community is discussing and are currently interested in. Try to engage in meaningful conversations before asking for any support.

2. Set clear goals

Before setting out with your crowdfunding campaign, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. Campaigns that are most successful are always focused on achieving a set goal, that motivates you as the founder and your community to reach that goal together. Only when you know what you are trying to achieve you will be able to measure your success and progress of your campaign. Your financial target should be well considered and justifiable to your community.

3. Create a clear call to action

Not everyone will know what crowdfunding is or how it works, so motivate and encourage people to act with clear, simple steps that are prescribed. Try to communicate your project cause in a strong single statement. Before you launch, ask strangers for some feedback, if they understand what you want them to do and is clear of what is your main objective of the project is.

4. Inspire with personal stories

In order for people to support your project, you need to make an emotional connection with your readers by telling compelling personal stories that they will want to share with their friends. Make the best use of videos, photos, product pictures, drawings in order to achieve maximum impact. Make people feel.

5. Use multiple social media channels

Use the right mix of media to spread your message: email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, G+, mobile. Don’t keep your channels in silos — integrate and cross- promote. Use social plug-ins to help you manage your posts. A video is one of the fastest ways to share and spread your message, so don’t be camera shy.

6. Find your champions

Your most loyal champions will be the key drivers of your campaign. Make sure you identify them early and let them know and let them be part of your campaign. Never be afraid to ask. If they are your supporters or champions they will love to help you spread your message. Inspire and motivate them, and they will be your die hard fans.

Bonus Tip: Use search features and listening posts to identify high – value influencers for your cause. Establish a rapport and only then reach out. Scope out Twitter Lists focused on your cause. Join some groups on Facebook that is focused on your niche. Enlist your supporters to help you spread the word.


7. Start a conversation

You need to talk and interact not just promote. See if you can get your community to share ideas and enlist influencers. Make it a two-way conversation, engage with people who comment, like or share your posts. Engage with them directly, via message, video, email. Follow up every single person that engages with you or your campaign. It may take a while to get them to back your project, so be patient, and don’t expect results after the first interaction.

8. Show success and movement

During your campaign, it is most important to report back to supporters on the progress you’re making. Send emails with updates thanking them for their help in what you’ve achieved so far and what milestones you still have to hit. Your community will be more willing to help you if you keep them involved and included in the whole process. Your existing backers will be also more willing to share your progress updates and celebrate with you, by spreading your message.

9. Use immediacy

Use headlines: Play off current events that affect people. Imperfect and on-time is better than perfect and late. Use deadlines: Set a hard stop date for your campaign to prompt people to act today, not tomorrow.
Use video and FB live to make it more personal and immediate. It works wonders on social media channels and is more likely to be shared and viewed.

10. Look at the data. Test. Refine.

Your campaign will need adjusting as you go along. Test, test, test. Send messages to subgroups of your email list. See which posts generate the most shares or tweets. Use the results to improve your approach.

Most importantly -STAY POSITIVE! You need to inspire your tribe to act, so stay focused, motivated and positive throughout the process.


29th June 2018

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