Many of our online courses have been created and built defined by the need of entrepreneurs. Various processes have evolved over the years, and we are bringing you the latest knowledge, tools, and expertise. The processes have been tested by our real-life entrepreneurs and their projects, so we know what we are offering works.   

We offer affordable pricing and subscription options. We also run special campaigns, and give aways that you can participate to access our courses. Once a month we will run a course of the month which will be heavily discounted for you to purchase. If you need subscription package for any of our full priced courses, please email us directly.  

We have a community available for you to join and network. Our course instructors and mentors are accessible via email or social media. Also our dedicated Facebook group is available to those enrolled in our courses


Our course instructors have been carefully selected to deliver their knowledge and expertise from many year experience in business. They have created content that is easy to follow and understand, using various learning styles and tools to help you learn and apply the knowledge in a practical way. You don't need to pay lots of money to access this knowledge one-on-one, instead we created courses that can help you achieve a specific goal  for your business, in a reasonably short amount of time.  
Each course will have a lead instructor who you can engage with and ask questions. There may be additional content included in some of the courses, bringing in other experts in the field to cover any specific or specialised topics. If you want to become one our instructors simply follow Instructors page and apply to become one of our dedicated course leaders. We have a selection and vetting process to ensure consistency and quality for our members.  

Raimonda Jankunaite [ Founder / CEO ]


Katrina Young [ Funnel Architect ]


Suzie Parkus [ PR Expert ]


Coming Soon [ Instructor ]


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