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Our Community

Our community of entrepreneurs, investors, early adopters and project leaders work together to crowdfund great & innovative ideas. We provide an online platfrom & community for great ideas to be brought to light and thereon developed to fruition. We focus on rewards based crowdfunding rather than equity based funding.

Our platform is designed to launch an idea and develop it with an engaged audience. Our principle enables others to take part and offer advice, skills, solutions to problems, investment, as the idea develops. As opposed to working on it behind closed doors, not knowing if there will be any interest for it when it
s finally completed. From concept to finished product, the entrepreneur doesnt need to go and do it alone when there are people who are ready and willing to help. 

Our Focus

Discover what defines Innovators and and Entrepreneurs who create new Disruptive Start-ups, product ideas and business processes. Who creates the movement and revolution in how we do things. By embracing change and innovation in business, it brings about new ideas.

Who Are Innovators?

Start-Up Entrepreneurs
Those that develop novelty or unique products and often adopt innovative business models to achieve competitive advantage to gain a significant market share and in some cases market disruption or creation. 

Corporate Entrepreneurs
Product Innovators
Process Innovators

Our Commitment

To deliver an online platform that supports development of new ideas and innovations, encouraging collaboration between genuine people who want to make an impact on society with own contribution. 

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